Val Hemminger

Lawyer, Mom, and a Person who loves to connect with fellow humans.

What you do want is to connect with those you live with and love, to create and develop more meaningful friendships, and not be even more overwhelmed than you already are in the process. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could:

Say goodbye to lonely. Never spend another weekend alone on the couch (unless you want to). 

Be surrounded by friends and family who fill you up.

Have a social calendar that fits you perfectly. 

Connect with your family and community in a much deeper way and be part of a social fabric in which you thrive (even if you’re single). 

Have honest, open relationships instead of surface ones.  

Easily make new friends in your immediate community. Friends who feel like family, who are supportive, and who are tons of fun to hang out with. 

Redefine what family is to make it fit what you and yours need. 

Find yourself placed within a social fabric that will continue to grow and strengthen. Even if there is a tear here, or a hole there, the rest of your life will continue to develop that rich fabric. 

Because you don't have to be lonely anymore. 

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